FOLLIE per Alida in Villafranca di Verona and a special...

This past weekend was an explosion of emotions as Compagnia Kronos dancers Barbara Canal, Eleonora Pasin, Valentina Mantese, Claudia Mantese and Lorienne Beals performed as part of the production of FOLLIE per Alida - directed by Luca Giacomelli Ferrarini and Cristian Ruiz to honor Luca's parents and in particular his mother, Alida Ferrarini. The performance commemorated the one-year anniversary of the inauguration of the theatre in Villafranca di Verona in Alida Ferrarini's namesake after her passing in 2013. Luca and Cristian partnered to pull together a team of top-notch artists presenting a diverse collection of musical tributes from Alida's most famous operatic roles to honoring musicians we've lost such as Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson, to mashups of Broadway greats and medleys of contemporary hits. Three lovely singers (Elisa, Natascia and Marina), three impeccable musicians (Antonio, Marcello and Antonio), and a savvy technical team (Simone, Alessandro, Ornella, Franco, Mariano, Delilah, and too many others to name!) rounded out the production, which now has plans to tour. 

Sweaty but satisfied - cast of Follie per Alida

Sweaty but satisfied - cast of Follie per Alida

Stay tuned to be able to catch an upcoming performance! Follow news on the production's Facebook page and learn more about the artists Luca Giacomelli Ferrarini and Cristian Ruiz. Learn more and follow news from Compagnia Kronos, directed by Ornella Pegoraro.

The occasion had extra-special meaning as the performance on Sunday, December 4, coincided with the 50th birthday of Lorienne's most influential teacher, mentor, and friend/chosen family member, Sean McLeod. It was a fantastic way to celebrate Sean's role in this meaningful and significant performance on such an important day in Sean's life.


Thank you for all that you are and all that you have done and continue to do, for me personally, and for the world of dance. Happiest Birthday wishes to you, and many more!!!

With much love,

Photo credit:  Riccardo Panozzo

Photo credit: Riccardo Panozzo